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By Mark Aselstine

New Wine Essentials Gift Basket Images

We’ve also updated the images for our Wine Essentials Gift Basket.  Extra points if anyone can tell me what’s creating the backdrop for the corkscrew. Hey we’re a family owned startup, so guess on the small scale!

By Mark Aselstine

corkscrew Riedel Wine Glasses wine essentials

New Gourmet Gift Basket Pictures

What do you think of the new images of our gourmet gift basket?

Fiddyment Farms gourmet gift basket new matt image Hurley Farms Olive Oil + Balsalmic TCHO Big Bars


By Mark Aselstine

Willy Wonka Anyone?



TCHO ManufacturingPictured at left is the entrance to the TCHO manufacturing center on the Embarcadero of San Francisco.  If you ever feel like taking part in a Willy Wonka type moment, it is worth a visit during your next visit to the city!

Aside from a cool little retail space at the entrance (get the Mocha, seriously Blue Bottle coffee and TCHO chocolate is an incredibly combo) you can have a short tour to see an old German chocolate press at work.

I wish we had a video, because it is a pretty incredible and fun experience to be sure.  Plus, it fits in with an interesting day in San Francisco since the Embarcadero houses many other attractions right now-ATT Park, home of the Giants, Pier 39, the future home of the Golden State Warriors, the Exploratorium (the largest kids hands on science and math museum in the country) and much, much more.  It’s a great example of what people love about the west coast’s most European city, not to mention it is easily accessible from public transportation including both BART as well as Muni.

By Mark Aselstine

Lover’s Lane Honey-a Sweeter Breakfast

Distinct terroir.  It’s a concept that has spread across the wine industry rather rapidly for quite a few reasons, not the least of which is that people generally have a good idea that wines grown in the cold Oregon coastal region taste different than those grown in California’s uberhot central valley.

In our quest for creating the perfect coffee gift basket, we realize that a lot of people love something sweet in the morning. From adding honey to your tea of coffee directly, or by adding it on your favorite baked good-there are literally hundreds of great uses for high quality honey.

So how do terroir and honey go together?  Well, if you think about it-they’re almost joined at the hip.  If honey is produced by the bees and the plants that they pollinate  it makes sense that different regions of the world would have honey which tasted at least slightly differently.

It took quite a while to find a honey maker that we felt fit the bill as being artisinal and understanding of what we were looking to do. Lover’s Lane was recommended to us by a friend who grew up close by the small town of Ukiah.  These are true wildflower honey’s known for their health and allergy fighting benefits.

We’re incredibly happy to be including Lover’s Lane honey in our new coffee gift basket, we’re sure you’ll not only enjoy it, but you’ll probably be amazed about how different real, fresh honey can taste.

By Mark Aselstine

Biscotti Bari and Our New Coffee Gift Basket

We thought long and hard about what would make sense when paired with coffee in our new coffee gift basket.  Part of the issue was that we know the average American likes stuff like donuts, bagels and other breakfast snacks which are best fresh and ideally from a shop down the street from your house.

For that reason, we took inspiration from Italy and much of the old world.  Biscotti is a twice baked cookie of sorts, often dunked in coffee before being enjoyed.  It’s long been considered the ideal pairing for coffee.

Biscotti BariDuring our search for an outstanding local Biscotti, we were actually tipped off on the high quality products at Biscotti Bari from some of our friends over at TCHO, who we use for our chocolate gift basket.  They said the Biscotti was both incredible, but also that Stacey was incredibly nice and easy to work with.  After trying the Biscotti, let’s just say we were instantly impressed.

Over the coming days we’ll write a bit about what versions of this high end Biscotti that we chose and why.  Largely though, we wanted to stay traditional to how the Italians take their Biscotti, well paired and reasonably crunchy even after being dunked in your coffee.

By Mark Aselstine

Coming Soon! Coffee Gift Baskets

Mclaughlin Coffee Max's BlendOne of our upcoming projects is a coffee gift basket.  The premise was pretty simple, we’ve heard too many people talking about coffee in the same way that they talk about wine, not to be interested.  Plus, we love coffee.  Lastly, heck even Starbucks gets it, right?  They have a sign that comes out every Christmas saying something to the affect of “Let someone else bring the wine, you bring the coffee.”

Why not have a coffee gift basket that does both?

By Mark Aselstine

Another Step in the Right Direction

corkscrewOne of the things about launching new gift baskets on our site, we need pictures of our new stuff.  Pictured is a wine corkscrew, extra credit and points if you can tell me what we made the black background out of-no it isn’t what you think!

By Mark Aselstine

Free Shipping Options Increasing

We always enjoy when it seems we’re a bit ahead of the pack.

We saw one of the largest online gift basket businesses out there started offering a range of free shipping options on some of their higher priced wine gift baskets the other day.  We aren’t afraid to mention it because their free shipping gift baskets start at close to $300 whereas ours start at $125.

Welcome to the party guys-hopefully your customers appreciate it as much as ours seem to.

By Mark Aselstine


How Our Corporate Gift Baskets Are Different

I think we can all agree that in the gift basket business, corporate accounts are golden.  Hey, you can say a lot of stuff about us, but we try and tell it how it is when we can.

The corporate gift basket industry is among the most competitive, partially because the numbers are so big, but also because most corporate gift baskets are sold between July and October of each and every year.  It’s a condensed time schedule, with a huge number of possible sales meaning the stress for gift basket companies reaches a crescendo right around Halloween.  Of course, the stress level increases when you realize that a company has to have some (or all of) their products pre-ordered before the holidays start.

So here’s how our corporate gift baskets are different.  First and foremost we allow you to customize everything.  Seriously, everything.  We offer a range of products in all our gift baskets, feel free and mix and match to get the right mix for your employees and your clients.

Secondly, our corporate gift basket packaging is simply better. We can custom brand your gift baskets with your corporate logo if you’re ordering 25 or more baskets and give us at least 6 weeks of lead time. We think that is an incredibly valuable resource, especially on the corporate side simply because wine and other products tends to be consumed fairly quickly, but these high quality wooden boxes tend to be kept for years in wine cellars and as part of decorations.  We understand that at the end of the, you give a corporate gift basket to keep yourself and your company at the front of mind for as long as possible, we believe that our boxes do a better job at that than anyone else’s.

By Mark Aselstine

More on Pairing

Chloe Creek Pinot NoirWe receive so many questions on pairings, that it makes us think we should have something of a FAQ about the topic.

In any case, we mentioned having darker and deeper red wines with our Chocolate Gift Basket but our Gourmet Gift Basket gives us some other opportunities for interesting pairings.

The olive oil and balsamic vinegar lends itself well to pair with almost any wine, but personally I tend to open an old world style Pinot Noir with these offerings.  Pinot definitely offers a wide range of pairing options and that’s why your Gourmet Gift Basket is going to come with Pinot a fair amount of the time and our 2 bottle Gourmet Gift Baskets will almost always include a Pinot Noir.  The grape has long been a favorite of Sommeliers for good reason, it pairs well with most “ethnic” dishes, but can handle everything from fish to even some heavier fare like pork.

We just thought it was important to mention, we understand that people will sometimes drink the wine included in these gift baskets by itself, but often they will open the wine and food together.  Pairings are important, but having wines which are able to stand by themselves is important as well.

By Mark Aselstine